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NEW - FRITEL TG 2990 table grill - bbq

NV van Ratingen - March 2013

With the deluxe table grill-bbq FRITEL TG 2990, you don’t have to let the weather decide for you; in no time you will be grilling (alone, with friends or family), inside or outside the house. Thanks to the baking plate with two zones: grill zone for meat and teppanyaki zone for fish, vegetables, ... you can prepare anything you like.

For an extra crispy meat crust, there is a TURBO ZONE, which can be switched on and off to taste. The excess grease/juice is collected in the removable collecting tray through the drain, integrated in the baking plate. And maybe the most fun part: after use you can easily put the baking plate, windshield and collecting tray in the dishwasher!

Fritel expands its 4th generation of deep fryers

Elektrokrant, September 2006

This fall, van Ratingen has some novelties in store. In the category of deep fryers, where the company is one of the major players with its Fritel brand name, van Ratingen will introduce not less than six new models. Four of these models will expand the 4th generation ’cool zone’ deep fryers and dispose of the patented Turbo SF System and Click System.

A satisfied manager sits across us. "At this moment, we are already doing about 25% better than last year and we are expecting even better figures by the end of the year", says Cindy van Ratingen. "A partial explanation for this trend can be found in the selection of products and in the meticulous composition of the range. During all these years we have pursued the introduction of more qualitative products on the market. Dealers also prefer to sell a product with a surplus value which cannot be found on every corner of the street". This certainly counts as a surplus value for the deep fryers with the Turbo SF technology. Turbo SF, which stands for Turbo Safe Frying, is a patented technology through which the frying process is 50% faster than with other products. As a result, the French fries absorb less fat and the technology neutralises splashes, typical of the ’cool zone’ during the baking process. As extra trump, thanks to the Turbo SF, one can also melt frying fat in the ’cool zone’ deep fryer, which is not possible with other ’cool zone’ deep fryers.

The 4th generation of Fritel deep fryers is also equiped with this Turbo SF system, but mostly catches one’s eye thanks to the entirely new design. The most important innovation lies in the styling of the dust lid (in stainless steel) and the filter lid. For the styling we have been inspired by the automobile sector, through which the design of the lid distinguishes itself from other lids on the market," says Cindy van Ratingen. Extra attention went to the comfort of use of these models. The filter lid was designed in such a way that the consumer can hang the basket on the hook and close off the deep fryer with the lid. Thanks to the slots in the lid, one can lower the basket, shake up the French fries, and then again hang the basket on the hook and remove the filter lid. "All the advantages of an automatically hinged deep fryer", emphasizes our conversation partner. Fritel introduces 4 models in the 4th generation, namely Fritel Turbo SF 4154 and 4355 (respectively 3 and 4 L with dust lid) and Fritel Turbo SF 4170 and 4370 (respectively 3 and 4 L with filter lid with viewing window.

In August 2005 Fritel launched the sub-brand Fritel International. "Under this brand name several basic models were collected", explains Cindy van Ratingen. In order to clarify the difference with the Fritel ’made in Belgium’ range, these models don’t dispose of the Turbo SF system and the design is less advanced. With this range, Fritel completes its assortment and offers an alternative for the lower prices of the other suppliers. "With the difference that these deep fryers carry the Fritel quality image and that we offer 5 years of guarantee. As a dealer, you will have good quality in your hands", continues our conversation partner. The exisiting range will be further expanded with two wider ’cool zone’ deep fryers (ref. FR 2355 and FR 2455) with housing, bowl and dust lid in stainless steel, with a respective content of 3 and 4 L.

Fritel cleaners
While going through the Fritel catalogue, our eye falls on a page without any electrical appliance. However, the products can be classified under the category ’accessories’: namely a cleaner for fryers and a fat dissolver. Why is Fritel giving attention to these products? "The consumer buys a cleaner more often than an electrical appliance. So if you can sell one cleaner with each deep fryer, grill or fondue, you will raise your turnover in an easy way on the one hand and on the other hand this kind of cleaning products are nice traffic builders. There will be a closer bond with the customers and a satisfied customer always comes back! The next time that he will need a cleaner or an electrical appliance, he will certainly not forget you! Furthermore, these products are doing very well at the cash desks in chain stores and large stores", says Cindy van Ratingen.

Tea Maker - September 2006

J. van Ratingen introduces the T42 Tea Maker from Cloer

This tea maker makes tea in the traditional way: first warming up the water, then brewing the tea and then pouring out. This whole proces runs totally automatically. It is sufficient to place the tea (bag or bulk) in the stainless steel filter of the upper glass jar and to fill the water tank from the top of the appliance with water. With warming function of the glass jar (1 hour).

Technical information:
- Power: 800 W
- Adjustable brewing time: 2 – 12 minutes
- Brewing temperature: approx. 92 C°
- Glass jar: 8 cups (1 liter)

Vandemoortele by Fritel

With the deep fryer 'Vandemoortele by Fritel', Fritel is anticipating the launch of the 'Vandemoortele oil for deep fryers without disturbing odours'. The ruby red colour is making this 'Limited Edition' an indispensable gadget for the contemporary kitchen. Thanks to the Turbo SF® System, the frying process is 50% faster than with regular deep fryers. Through this, the fries are sealed faster so that there is less fat absorption and so that the fries are healthier. The system also neutralises the splashing oil drops, which improves the safety in the kitchen.

Belgian French fries

Magazine Smaak - June 2005

What happens when a Belgian deep fryer producer meets the leader in deep-fry oil? Then the times of deep-frying in the garage or in the storeroom are gone for good. Thanks to the oil for deep fryers without disturbing odours from Vandemoortele and the ruby red deep fryer from FRITEL, one can deep-fry undisturbedly in the kitchen.